End of 1 Year Limited Time Million Club Bonus – tee-coin
4 November 2020

End of 1 Year Limited Time Million Club Bonus

Thank you for supporting TEE-Coin. TEE-Coin offering has evolved from a simple wallet application into a platform that offers ways to earn, use, and spend TEE-Coin in a rich user interface application called ChatTee. ChatTee offers different services to merchants from coupon marketing, user retention, data analytics via the adoption of big data and artificial intelligence. ChatTee has now reached more than 25,000 users world wide and offers coinback,  ChatTee Pay, and various coupons and rewards from well known brands and even allow airline mileage exchanges.

For the early investors and the Million Club members who joined the Limited time Million Club Bonus, we would like to express our gratitude for the continuous support and we would like to inform that the distribution of the Limited time Million Club Bonus and Minion Club Bonus have ended. Million Club members are still eligible for the Regular Million Bonus: where users will get 25% of the total transaction fees generated by users according to the amount of TEC held and other benefits.

In addition to joining Million Club Bonus, we would like to invite investors to create TEE-coin Bonus Wallet. Investors can earn up to 20% with the Bonus Wallet, which would be paid upfront, by storing TEC there for a certain period of time. Please refer to this article on how to create the Bonus Wallet.

For more information and enquiries, please feel free to reach us at https://chattee.reviews/contact-us/.