About the TEE-coin Million Club – tee-coin
30 August 2019

About the TEE-coin Million Club


The TEE-coin Million Club, which is for users who hold more than 1 million TEC, is packed with great benefits.


To have 1 million or more TEC in the wallet, whether registered for in ChatTee or imported into ChatTee. (No application is needed)
If the amount falls below 1 million TEC, you will be disqualified automatically.



★Million Club bonus
This is a bonus that is limited to the TEE-coin Million Club
Users will pay a 0.5% ~ 1% transaction fee when they use ChatTee at the merchants.
Transaction fees will be charged when there is an exchange of coupon, payment at the shops, exchange for mileage points, etc.
25% of the total transaction fees generated by users will be distributed to members of the Million Club according to the amount of TEC held.
As the number of ChatTee & TEE-coin users increases, the bonus will increase.
(Scheduled to be distributed from Fall 2020)

★Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club Bonus
Before we begin the regular Million Club Bonus, as a commemoration for listing on a cryptocurrency exchange, we will begin distributing the “Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club Bonus” from fall of this year.
About Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club Bonus

★Preferential Treatment at Various Events
You will get preferential treatment at events hosted by our company, TEE-COIN.
E.g. from previous events: Free invitation to events, distribution of special participation benefits, distribution of special participation coins, etc.

★Change of Wallet Display in ChatTee
The wallet displayed in the ChatTee app will be of a special, gorgeous design.
Following this, prior to the abovementioned bonus, we will also start distributing a special bonus for a year starting from fall of this year. Known as the “Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club bonus”, this is a commemoration bonus for listing on a cryptocurrency exchange.
Please click here for more information about the [Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club]