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Board of Advisors

Chairman : Patrick Chee Teck Kwong PBM
CEO : Leslie Yong Boon Chuan PBM, BBM, BBM (L)
Member : Andy Yun
Member : John Teo Woon Keng PBM, BBM
Member : Lam Sin Siong Jason
Legal Advisor: Withers KhattarWong

Singapore Office

10 Anson Road, #14-08A, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Vietnam Office

Houses development team
– Located in District 3, HCM
– 14 employees-


CMO : Andrew Ang Pheng Chiah
CTO : Maeda Toshiyuki
Development Team : Christ Lestario, Son Nguyen Tran Ho Thanh

Our Team

Mr Chee is an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore and a Solicitor of the senior courts of England and Wales. He has been in private legal practice since 1980 and is now a Senior Legal Consultant with Withers KhattarWong, an international law firm.
Mr. Chee is a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. He is also Honorary Legal Advisor to trade associations in Singapore. Mr Chee is also the recipient of the National Day Awards 2003 – ‘The Public Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Masayarakat)’ from the President of Republic of  Singapore.

Patrick Chee PBM


Mr. Yong is currently involved in various Associations and Community groups, and he is also the Advisor and Founding President of Hospitality Purchasing Association Singapore (from 1995 till to-date)
Mr. Yong was awarded the Public Service Medal (PBM) in 1988, the Public Service Star (BBM) in 1996 and the highest award for Public Service Star (Bar) BBM (L) in 2012. The PBM, BBM and the BBM (L) were awarded to him by His Excellency, The President of Singapore, in recognition of his contributions towards community service in Singapore.

Leslie Yong PBM,BBM,BBM (L)


Mr. Yun has spent 18 years in Ministry of Defense and 11 years in the private sector. This has given him the skills required for linking public and private enterprises. Andy is good at structuring and finding the right person/team to achieve better results. His other skills also include regional online business, franchise, sport marketing, events & celebrity management and protocol management.
His online shop chain specializing in the Muslim market operates in 30 countries.

Andy Yun


Mr. John Teo is a professional accountant by training with over 25 years of professional and management experience at senior levels. He is presently the chief risk officer of the national lottery and gaming company in Singapore. Prior to that he was its chief financial officer for over 14 years and had worked before in a investment holding company, a government tertiary hospital and a public accounting firm. Mr. Teo holds a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore and an MBA from University of Wales and is a Fellow, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). He is a recipient of the Public Service Medal (2002) and the Public Service Star (2012) from the President, Republic of Singapore.

John Teo PBM BBM


As Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Ang brings with him a wealth of experience spanning various corporate functions, including marketing, business development and human resources. Notably, as Group Director of HR Centre Pte Ltd, Andrew has successfully expanded the group business into Asia and the Middle East for the last 30 years.

Andrew Ang


Mr. Maeda started a Japanese company in 2009 providing services ranging from the development of cloud systems to management of infrastructure.
He also provides services ranging from infrastructure to system development and operations as well as consulting services in Japan and Singapore. He has many development partners in ASEAN.
Mr. Maeda has extensive experience in Blockchain-based system development and is a perfect fit to be Tee Coin’s CTO.

Toshiyuki Maeda


A blockchain engineer and project manager with more than 12 years experience in software and application development. Chris was a specialist in IBM and Toshiba with expertise in sales enablement and also is an inventor with 2 patents registered in US. He is currently involved in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, web and mobile application development, and also a cloud enablement of corporate ERP system.

Christ Lestario


Involved in full Stack Web & Mobile development. Mr. Son has a high level of understanding of distributed ledger / blockchain technologies and their benefits. He specializes in cryptocurrencies, digital identity, and authentication and authorization in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar.

Son Nguyen Tran Ho Thanh


An International law firm with qualified lawyers and offices in Singapore, London (UK), Geneva, Milan, Padua, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) ,Shanghai (China), British Virgin Islands, New York, Greenwich, New Haven, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, Melbourne & Sydney (Australia).

Withers KhattarWong

Legal Adviser

Board of Advisors

Legal / Investment & Governance & Member Sharing Platform

Mr John Teo


  • ・ Current CFO and Head, Risk Management in Singapore's only national lottery company (15 years), experienced in regulatory compliance matters
  • ・ Implemented controls & governance systems and en terprise risk management framework in large organisations
  • ・ National Day Award recipient: PBM, BBM

Mr Leslie Yong


  • ・ Founding President, Hospitality Purchasing Association of Singapor
  • ・ Members include major hotels, restaurants, cafes, country clubs in Singapore
  • ・ Experienced in setting up a healthcare membership subscriber group in Singapore
  • ・ National Day Award recipient: PBM, BBM, BBM(L)

Mr Patrick Chee


  • ・ Senior Legal Consultant with international firm Withers KhattarWong LLP
  • ・ Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore
  • ・ Solicitor of Senior Courts of England & Wales
  • ・ National Day Award recipient: PBM