About the 1-year-long “Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club Bonus” – tee-coin
30 August 2019

About the 1-year-long “Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club Bonus”

Before we begin the regular Million Club Bonus, as a commemoration for listing on a cryptocurrency exchange, we will begin distributing the “Limited-time TEE-coin Million Club Bonus” from fall of this year.

Please read the following terms carefully and check your wallet.


Applicable Conditions

-The amount of TEC held in the wallet, either registered for in ChatTee or imported from TEE-Wallet, will be the target
-The amount held by one wallet, and not multiple wallets (or the average) will be looked at
-“The daily average amount held in the wallet for that month” will be calculated

If you satisfy the above conditions, and your “daily average amount of TEC held for that month” is “above 1 million TEC”, then you automatically qualify.
Please take note that even if you held “1 million TEC or above” at one point in time, if your daily average balance is not 1 million TEC or above you will not qualify for the bonus.


Period of Distribution

First Distribution: Tally & Computation of September 2019 / Distribution at end October 2019
Final Distribution: Tally & Computation of August 2020 / Distribution at end September 2020


Timing of Distribution

The amount of bonus calculated based on the “daily average amount of TEC held for that month” will be distributed to said wallet at the end of the following month.


Notice of Transfer

You will be notified on ChatTee with regards to timing when the bonus was transferred, as well as the amount of the bonus. Please take note that a link will not be provided in the notification.
E.g. of notification: million_club_8_2019 … Notification of transfer of bonus for August 2019


TEE-coin Minion Club

In addition, we will also distribute a special bonus to people who have “a monthly average of 500 thousand TEC and above”, under the “TEE-coin Minion Club”.
With regards to the conditions and distribution, other than the certified amount (500 thousand TEC), everything else is the same as with the TEE-coin Million Club bonus.
(There will be no overlap in distribution with the limited-time TEE-coin Million Club bonus)