Important Notice from TEE-COIN – tee-coin
2 May 2024

Important Notice from TEE-COIN

This is TEE-COIN.
As we mentioned in an earlier mail, currently, there are issues occurring on the ChatTee app, such as TEE-COIN balances not being displayed and coupons being unusable.We have been conducting investigations for over a month, but unfortunately, we have not been able to identify or resolve the root cause of these issues. It is anticipated that the restoration process will take a considerable amount of time.Regarding your TEE-COIN holdings, as you know, they exist on the Triam network due to the blockchain technology . Therefore, rest assured that your TEE-COIN tokens will not be lost due to this issue.As a solution, we kindly request your cooperation in transitioning to BTEC tokens, which are pegged to the price of TEE-COIN.The exchange rate is 100 TECs = 1 BTEC, which is one-hundredth the quantity, but the exchange value is the same because the total number of BTECs issued is 1 billion compared to 100 billion TEE-COINs, or one-hundredth the value.BTEC is listed on PancakeSwap and SushiSwap, and can be exchanged for BNB, the Binance token. Additionally, BTEC offers high liquidity and facilitates exchanges from BNB to other cryptocurrencies.Furthermore, BTEC is actively collaborating with new projects, enabling token exchanges with other project tokens through long-term holding.
To exchange to BTEC, please follow these steps:

1. Prepare a METAMASK wallet to receive BTEC.

2. Recover TEC on the TRIAM network by importing your wallet using the secret key of the wallet that holds TEC.

3. Send TEC to the wallet specified by us through the TRIAM network.

4. Submit wallet address and other required information via the designated form provided by us.

5. Upon receipt of your submission in step 4, BTEC will be sent from us to the METAMASK wallet specified by you.

Please refer to the manual for detailed instructions on the process. (
If you need any assistance, please contact us.


1. BTECを受け取るためのMETAMASK(メタマスク)ウォレットを準備する

2. TRIAMネットワークでTECをリカバリーする(TECを所有しているウォレットのシークレットキーを使ってウォレットをインポート)

3. TRIAMネットワークを通じて、当社指定のウォレットへTECを送る

4. ウォレットアドレスなどの情報を弊社指定のフォームから提出する

5. 4でご連絡いただいたお客さま指定のメタマスクウォレットへ弊社からBTECを送付