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13 October 2021

BTEC is on PancakeSwap

Announcement of Listing BTEC on PancakeSwap BTEC PancakeSwapに上場のお知らせ

We are pleased to announce that BTEC is now listed on PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap is the world's third-largest decentralized exchange by market capitalization.

The exchange rate with BTEC and TEC, the crypto-asset we have already released, is pegged at 1:100, so the two are connected in price.

At the same time, TEE-coin's 90-billion TEC was burned out of the total 100 billion TEC issued, thereby increasing the relative scarcity of TEC owned by the current users.

This is accompanied by a new ChatTee app version which allows for TEC⇄BTEC exchange directly on the ChatTee app. (BTEC wallet and BNB are required to exchange BTEC.)

The details of the exchange method will be available on the website soon.


BTEC contract address : 0xAf307c4Ea25c8d2A7029Dc0322396A6b4B00A0Fc










BTEC contract address : 0xAf307c4Ea25c8d2A7029Dc0322396A6b4B00A0Fc