Say Hello to BTEC – tee-coin
13 October 2021

Say Hello to BTEC

Introducing a new token by TEE-coin

We are pleased to announce that TEE-COIN has launched a new crypto-asset, BTEC.


The spread of Covid-19 has dramatically changed people's living and business environments.

TEE-coin (TEC) is primarily used by users as a reward and payment token for merchants, and we are launching a new governance token BTEC to boost the TEC holders’ exchange value. As a fixed-rate crypto-asset on Binace Smart Chain, the issuance of BTEC aims to offer more flexible usage.

The existing TEC holders will gain the benefit of increasing asset value of the fixed-rate paired TEC as the price of BTEC increases.


The following is a summary of the issuance:

  • Number of units to be issued - 100,000,000 units
  • Exchange rate - 1BTEC:100TEC
  • Listed on PancakeSwap (DEX)
  • Gas - BNB


BTEC contract address : 0xAf307c4Ea25c8d2A7029Dc0322396A6b4B00A0Fc


The BTEC token economy entails the creation of jobs as well as the redistribution of wealth through donations. Through this system, we aim to eliminate educational, economic, and employment disadvantages caused by the birth environment and other factors.

BTEC is a scalable project. It depends on the project's growth, but we believe it has the potential to make a significant impact on the issue of inequality.

BTEC also has mechanisms in place to benefit its holders, such as staking fees and project voting rights.

The project's initial phase is to develop a token economy that will work in tandem with the Scholar Match mechanism.







       発行枚数  100,000,000枚

       交換レート 1BTEC:100TEC

       上場先   PancakeSwap(DEX)

       ガス    BNB


BTEC contract address : 0xAf307c4Ea25c8d2A7029Dc0322396A6b4B00A0Fc






プロジェクトの第一の歩みとして、Scholar Matchの仕組みと連携したトークンエコノミーをローンチします。