TEE-coin & Media Japan: Strategic Partnership – tee-coin
25 October 2019

TEE-coin & Media Japan: Strategic Partnership

TEE-coin is pleased to have Media Japan as a strategic partner, combining Tee-coin’s revolutionary ChatTee app and Media Japan’s OISHII magazine.

Media Japan: A publishing company with 2 main platforms:

AsiaX: A site and magazine published in Japanese, providing local news and lifestyle information to the Japanese community in Singapore and nearby regions with more than 13,000 copies published fortnightly.

OISHII: A Japanese food and culture magazine published in English more than 20,000 copies quarterly. It brings Japanese cuisine and culture to the world, from traditional Japanese culinary culture to culinary journeys, ingredients to recipes, and distinguished chefs to F&B-related cutting-edge technology. There are 450 points of distribution for OISHII in Singapore, from cafes and restaurants to shopping malls and offices.

Every business has a different consumer base, different budget and different geographical reach. What is right for one business with respect to online and offline marketing tools will need tweaking for another. The partnership brings together the full potential of both online and offline presence for merchants to acquire new customers.

OISHII Magazine: Issue 23, Oct-Dec 2019