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28 November 2019

TEE-coin: After-Listing on BiKi

TEC is now listed on BiKi, giving access to more than 2 million BiKi users an opportunity to trade one of the fastest-growing coins in the market. BiKi has a good reputation being backed by a strong team that has managed to be a reputable exchange within a year.

TEC is currently tradable with USDT, and more trading pairs are to be added in the future.

The trading volume has been high, currently at over 7 million TEC over 24 hour period which is high for a just recently listed coin. The order book has a considerably high number of buyers and sellers. The high liquidity levels guarantee that users will always be able to easily execute trades. The current trend shows that TEC is showing signs of an upward trend after the recent slump in the entire crypto market. TEC is expected to retrace above its introduction price as more traders join.

Now would be a good time to buy for traders wanting to capitalize on its upward trend.

The fundamentals of TEC are very strong as well. The listing on BiKi has also coincided with an uptrend in the number of ChatTee app installations currently standing at nearly 100,000. The number of registered stores is also expected to hit 70,000 by the end of the year.  As more stores partner with TEC, the demand will go up driving up the price level. This is also the first major exchange that TEC has been listed on. Users have been clamoring for a big exchange that would enable them to trade TEC easily. With BiKi being one of the top 20 largest exchanges, TEC users have now an opportunity to participate in one of the fastest-growing crypto projects.

What’s even better is that users can receive 24-hour support. It is easy to get started trading TEC on BiKi which also supports English and Chinese languages serving almost 100 countries. If you are new users, you can register an account on BiKi and get started in simple steps:

  1. You can either register via a phone number or email
  2. After you log in, choose TEC/USDT as the trading pair to start trading.
  3. Fund your account with crypto.
  4. When you have the available funds, you can order and trade limit order or market order. With a limit order, you set your own price while market order moves based on the market price.
  5. You can also use a fully-featured mobile trading app making it is easy to trade TEC on the go.

Users signing up with Singapore phone numbers will have the opportunity to get referral rewards. TEC is focused on growing the ecosystem in Singapore and this is an opportunity for traders to benefit from this growth.

One important thing to take note is that when users are transferring TEC to BiKi, they should remember to key in the memo field, many users usually forget to do this. In case, you forget to do so, you can reach out to BiKi support at https://t.me/BikiEnglish anytime.

In the near future as per the TEC roadmap, listing on more exchanges will be done.