ChatTee is now linked with BiKi. – tee-coin
20 March 2020

ChatTee is now linked with BiKi.

We are excited to announce that part of ChatTee transactions is now linked with BiKi. With the linkage, the price of TEC on BiKi will be partly determined by the activities on ChatTee and not solely dependent on the trading activities on Biki. This was created to reflect the value of TEC based on its practical applications in the real world situation.

A portion of the following transactions on ChatTee are now associated with BiKi:

• Daily Giveaway and Coinback → Buy Order on Biki.

• Coupon Purchase and ChatTee Pay → Sell Order on Biki.

What are the implications of ChatTee’s linkage with BiKi to normal users?

Users now play a role in the TEC market price. Each action a user makes on ChatTee app will determine whether the price of TEC will go up or down. Basically, getting Giveaway daily and Coinback will make the price go up, while purchasing coupons and using ChatTee pay make the price go down.

From this, users can make favourable decisions. For example, when TEC price goes up, users will find purchasing coupons or using ChatTee Pay more beneficial as less TEC is required to purchase the coupon or to make the payment. The other way around, when the price goes down, it would be beneficial for users to dine-in at our merchants and get Coinback as users will get more TEC with the same amount of bill paid to the merchant.

We certainly believe the linkage the first one in rewards and loyalty program, and will bring in more values not only to the users but also for investors likewise. We are consistently making improvements and add new functionality, features, and tools to the platform to reflect the market needs and to enhance the overall user experience, and we are looking forward to your contribution and feedback.