TEE-coin reinvents the review system with the power of cryptocurrency.

Pre IEO Sale

Pre IEO on Sale!


Purchase Token

Price per Token: US$ 0.012

Minimum Unit :10,000TEC= US$120

Amount of TEC Bonus Total TEC Price / US$
40,000 3% 41,200 480
80,000 8% 86,400 960
400,000 13% 452,000 4,800
850,000 18% 1,003,000 10,200 Million Club

Max Tokens:100 Billion (Supply Limited by Platform)

Token type: Utility Token/Proof of Consensus

We accept : Bitcoin / Ethereum

To address the concerns that the price may fall sharply due to the increase in market supply when we put a large amount of TEE-coins on the market, we will lock up 93% of the 72.4 billion TEC owned by TEE-COIN which translates to 67.2 billion TEC. 

During the period from Nov. 1, 2019 to the end of Oct. 2020 where as it is announced as the lock-up period, 67.3% of the entire amount of TEE-coins will be frozen. With this lock-up, out of the 72.4 billion TEC, only 419 million TEC will be released every month on the first day of each month starting from Nov. 2019. If the full amount of 419 million TEC is not released to the market within that month, the remaining TEE-coins will be locked up again for 120 months. 

The purpose of this lock-up plan is to simplify the calculation of the amount of TEE-coins that need to be supplied to the market and to maintain a stable and predictable environment required in order for TEE-coin holders to make transactions. 

TEE-coins owned Team Members (excluding 0.5%) and Partners will be locked up for 36 months once TEE-coin is listed on exchanger. Subsequently, only 45.9 million TEC from this pool can be sold on the market each month. 

This is equivalent to just 0.21% of the entire amount issued.