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Referral Program

ChatTee Referral program is live!

This simple guide will show everything you need to take part in our referral program.

The ChatTee Referral program is free to join; it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Let’s start introducing ChatTee to someone who has not used TEE-coin application !

What is ChatTee?

ChatTee is a review platform provided by TEE-COIN PTE.LTD. ChatTee combines both Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology which helps to filter out sham and offensive reviews. Additionally you can use TEE-coin to make payment on participating shops. Not only that, for every review you submit, if the merchant or other users feel that it is useful, they may reward you with more TEE-coin as tips.

Please note that the previous TEE-Wallet you have created and have been using can be imported to the ChatTee application (The wallet created in ChatTee application is also called TEE-Wallet).

ChatTee is basically the [TEE-Wallet] application combined with with merchant search and review functions!


Details of ChatTee referral program

Date: 26th Oct 2018 10:00 SGT to 7th Dec 2018 16:00 SGT
Download the ChatTee App and send the referral code (in the App) to your friends. Once your friend has downloaded the ChatTee App and entered the referral code, you and your friend will receive 250TEC as a reward immediately after the wallet is created.

※If you have used the referral code and introduced someone to create a TEE-Wallet application before the referral program started, both of you will also be eligible for the 250 TEC reward when the program starts. Please look forward to the fund transfer.


  1. Download the ChatTee App at IOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the App->Account->Referral->Copy your Referral code->Send it to a friend
  3. Invite your friend to download the ChatTee App, then enter the referral code. You will get 250TEC as a reward. As a new signup, your friend will also get 250 TEC. (Please convey to the person you referred that the secret key displayed during wallet creation is very important. It is only displayed once and it should be kept safely)

Download apps from here

*Terms & Conditions apply.

  • The program is limited for referrals to users who have not created TEE wallet using any of our TEE-coin applications (TEE-Wallet、TEE-Shop, ChatTee、ChatTee Shop)
  • Tokens will be distributed to your TEE-Wallet automatically within 60 seconds after successful referral.
  • Rewards will be awarded to both referrer and referee when referee creates new wallet on the device where no wallet has been created before. If a wallet or multiple wallets has/have been created on the same device, neither referrer nor referee will get the rewards.
  • Any users attempting to conduct malicious activities such as signing up with bots, using multiple accounts, using fake accounts, or using compromised accounts will be immediately banned from the current and future programs.
  • The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the program and award its participants accordingly.


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