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TEE-COIN’s seminar has ended successfully!

TEE-COIN’s seminar has ended successfully!

Even though this is the first event that we have held in Japan, a lot of people have graced us with their presence.

Our COO, CTO, and managers from the 3 departments talked about our vision, and we have heard from many of the audience that they know understand what we aim to accomplish, but also are interested and have high expectations of us.
All these voices made all the staff very touched and happy.

We thank our audience not just for filling up the surveys we passed out at the event hall, but also for directly giving the staff members their feedback.
Thank you very much!
We have also received a lot of questions about the details and registration method for the Good Crypto Club (the Japanese community club for TEE-COIN).
We will release the details in out next posting!

Also, we apologize for any inconveniences that we might have caused during the seminar.
We would like to make use of this experience and continue to improve ourselves in Singapore.
We would be honored if you continue to lend us your support.

Please do continue to keep an eye on TEE-coin and ChatTee from now on.