TEE-coin reinvents the review system with the power of cryptocurrency.

The application for the seminar in Japan has started!

The application for the seminar in Japan has started!

The details of the seminar in February has been decided!
Please apply using the application form at the end.

[Exclusive Seminar] Business Progress Report & Future
Date & Time: 3/2/2019 (Sun), 14:00 ~ 16:00 (JST) (Event hall opens at 13:30)
Location: UDX NEXT-1, Akihabara, Japan
Entry Fee: Free
Access: https://1lejend.com/c/4h45/EQwO/V26Tn/

~TEE-coin~ The next generation cryptocurrency that connects merchants and users
TEE-COIN PTE. LTD. has decided to host its first seminar in Japan!
We will give participants a never-before-seen, in-depth look into ~TEE-coin~, the next generation cryptocurrency.

TEE-coin. A coin that allows users to share and convert their experiences into value.
The new review platform that uses blockchain and AI serves as TEE-coin’s ecosystem, ChatTee, has its app officially released in Jan 2019!
The evolved TEE-coin and ChatTee apps will be revealed!

What exactly is ChatTee, the review platform that utilizes blockchain and AI?!
How are the merchants and users going to be connected through the use of an advertising strategy that capitalizes on the characteristics of blockchain?!
What is the latest system for gathering customers that comprises blockchain & beacons?!
When is TEE-coin going to be listed, and what are our future prospects?!

Join us in the world-view we hope to create with our aim of 100 million users in Asia and 1 TEE-coin = 1 USD.
The first seminar (with limited seats) that talks about TEE-COIN PTE. LTD.’s latest business progress report and our future plans and aims!

★We have prepared 1,000 TEE-coin specially as a gift for those who are joining the event!
However, the number of seats and TEE-coin is limited, so we urge you to submit your application early!

★Please submit your application here!★